About us

Our vision

Scientific development in the 20th century has led to significant improvements in society, however problems related to energy resources, the environment, food, and other global issues, persist. What is necessary to solve such major issues? One possible approach is the design of new materials, incorporating the smallest living unit, the cell. Cells are minute systems that produce and convert materials and energy in ways that we are unable to replicate artificially. However, conventional scientific technology has yet to enable the fully utilization of the potential of cells. Here, we make a contribution to solving global issues by engineering platforms which fully utilize the unique abilities of cells.

Our technology

Cell fiber has been developed as a basic technology to handle cells in engineering applications. Fiber-shaped cell clusters can be handled as standardized fibrous components to construct various structures using living cells. We use this technology platform to drive innovation in a wide range of areas, such as medical care, drug development, food production, and bioremediation.


Company name CellFiber Co., Ltd.
Foundation April 1st,2015
Headquarters 217 UT South Clinical Research Building, 7-3-1, Hongo, Bunkyo-ku, Tokyo 113-8485, JAPAN
Products and services Cell-laden soft materials



Aki Adachi M.A.(Biology)

Research manager of ERATO Takeuchi project.
Became CEO at incorporation of CellFiber Co., Ltd on April 2015.

Yu Yanagisawa, Ph.D.(Chemistry)

Four-year experience in startup support service. Received Research Fellowships for Young Scientists (DC2). Received University of Tokyo President‘s Award for Students of 2018.

Hiroaki Onoe, Ph.D.(Mechanical Engineering)

Supervising assistant of ERATO Takeuchi project. The developer of cell fiber technology. Also works as an assistant professor at Keio University.

Shoji Takeuchi (Mechanical Engineering)

Professor ,The University of Tokyo
Website: http://www.hybrid.iis.u-tokyo.ac.jp/

Teru Okitsu (Medical Science)

Specially-appointed professor, The University of Tokyo